Fun loving guy and woman looking for that special woman to love (49221, MI, Lenawee County)
Please read the entire massage before replying and DO NOT send me links referring to other web sites!! Iím looking for a real woman interested in LTR not some fling. Did you notice that the best things are rarely on the front shelf? Just go to your local book store, which books are near the front? I bet it isn't Shakespeare nor Charles Dickens. What about restaurants and bars? How is it that the best ones hide in the alleys while the bad ones are always at the center of attention and are on display. I wonder dose the same thing applies to the opposite sex. Perhaps I should be looking for you in these hidden dark corners of the dating world and not at Victoria secret or some up scale bar in town. I am a 26 yr old 5' 7'' Man and the coastal forest of the Pacific Northwest are my home. Like a wolf my pack, nature, and wisdom are very important to me and I'm passionate about learning new text singles Being pagan (animistic, nature based spirituality), I live my life in tune with the seasons of the sun and cycles of the moon. I have a life I'm independent and work well with others. Yes I am the family man type and will deny it till I do have kids, because Iím tired of people coming up to me and saying ďOh I think you should have kids because your good with themĒ (I have odd people in my life) More about me: Like Captain Jean-Luc Picard I enjoy traveling and learning new things about the world around me I also like taking photos of what ever that interest me. Like Bob Vila I enjoy working with my hands around the house being busy fixing things or building them. Also, I do like to draw as well. I love to cook though I may not be as good as Emerald but I can still make a good pot of chicken soup. Do you have an odd sense of humor and love to laugh? Then you will love my quirky jokes and sometimes raunchy sense of humor. just bring extra underwear in cause you wet your pants from laughing too hard. Do you love Star Trek and Believe in natural evolution? If you say yes to both then we got a lot in common to talk about, I'm a huge geek and love love love science also if you haven't noticed I'm a big star trek fan, Laughs. Would you like to be a model or just love taking pictures? One of my passions is photography, I believe in taking pictures of every special moment in life because unlike the memories in the human mind the pictures will never fad away. I love Dutch brothers Coffee and smoothies though they never seem to last no more than 2 seconds with me, which is why I hope they come up with a never ending coffee/smoothie cup, Laughs. Do you think getting out in nature is great for the mind, body, and soul? If you say yes then it's possible we where meant to be. I try to spend as much time in nature as possible by camping, biking, hiking, doing nature photography, or just meditating. I also spend my free time working out by swimming or lifting weights and sometimes yoga. Goals: Some of my goals in life are build an electric car, build and flying my own plane, build or buy a sailing ship to travel the world, spend some time living in another country like France or Japan, build a cozy house in the woods, maybe be a male stripper, a bar tender, just to name a few out of hundreds of things. Music: Pop rock, Rock, some Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Techno, Classical, Celtic, Happy Clappy music, what ever I'm in the mood for and gets me moving. but I do not care for country music. Movies: All the Movies of Star Wars, 300, Howl's Moving Castle, Hellboy, Michael Moore's Sicko, Bill Maher's Religulous, The Notebook, Iron Man, Love Guru, Titanic, The Tuskegee Airmen, The Matrix, The Mummy, The Rocketeer, Nina Hartley for her sex education videos, And Too Many to List. Books: Yes I do like to read I just have too many books to list. Lets get to the meat of it all: I don't do one night stands PERIOD!!! Sex is nice but I want passionate deep intimate love form my partner when making love. And that is something I can only get out of a passionate loving relationship. Do you like kisses? Kissing is fun and very enjoyable especially in all the right places like the lips, neck, shoulders, down the back and well I'll leave the rest up to your naughty imagination. But I love kisses and Iím very affectionate and will nibble little kissed on your ear in public besides do other naughty loving things. You will never have a hard time getting heads form me in fact you'd have a hard time keeping my tongue form your flower. I love using my talented tongue in ways that would make a girl's hips rock till she goes limp. If you are passionate about exploring the dark side of your sexuality for hours on end then you will never be disappointed with me. I have an unusually high sexual stamina. which means I will literally fuck your brains out if you wanted me to. And I don't mean to honk my horn, I have made a woman have at least 37 orgasms in a row, she lost count after that and went blissfully limp on me. I felt like I was humping a rag doll but didnít mind because I love that look of total orgasmic melt down on a womanís face. Are you into rough sex? When I said, I wanted deep passionate intimate love I meant it. I love light clawing, gentle if not firm bites on the neck and various other places, licking and all those wolfishly wild things. I'm into BDSM, RP, Golden showers, or just being a passionate lover (AKA normal love making), I also enjoy if not love karma sutra or spiritual lovemaking. What I do not like is fecal matter or what it's usually called 'shit' My girl says I'm a playful, silly, and attentive lover that should be listed as an illegal sex drug. Yes, I do have a girl weíve been together for 7 years. Do not get jealous or be discouraged, for it is a strong sign that youíre getting a guy that has loyalty and commitment for any one I love dearly in my life. I do believe it is possible to love more than one person in life. Besides that she is Bi (with more of a preference toward women) we are into 3 way- monogamy (FYI, she introduced me to the idea of it. I thought I might give it a try.) And looking for an open minded, intelligent, independent woman somewhere between the ages of 20 and 29 5ft 2in to 5ft 8in healthy, does not smoke, STDs/Drug Free, active and is passionate about being out in nature. We hate being cheated on or lied to. We are extremely loyal, loving, caring, and looking for a woman that feels the same way. If you are unsure about a 3 way relationship then look at it this way, that the religious society says that we can only have one person in our lives which is impossible it's not in the human or animal nature to remain bounded to one being. Humans and animals are sexual beings and it is in our nature to have multiple partners, which is why you see a lot of people cheating on each other in the religious would. So it doesn't make much since to deny your self some extra snuggle and love does it? Besides I'm greedy and would love to have you all to my self as well, muhahahahahahahaha on top of that your getting a good quality guy that would always make you smile or die trying. My Perfect Match: Are you open minded to new possibilities and ideas or trying new things? Do you enjoy being out doors challenging your self while having adventures like camping, hiking, biking, or traveling to far off places? Do you like snuggling up on chilly nights playing video games or watching a movie together under candle light? Do you have a great sense of humor and a wonderful laugh? Do you love making delicious home made foods? Are you the type of woman that love sensual romantic kisses along with a thoughtful rouse and loving eyes looking deeply into yours OR are you the aggressive playful type? (AKA Tomboy girl) Have you ever found your-self having a deep cerebral conversation that you wish could keep going on for hours because you enjoyed it so much? If you answer yes to all the questions above then chances are we are a good match because this is something along with a few other things I'm looking for in a woman I want a lady (preferably Pagan, Agnostic or possibly Atheist) that is laid back and easy going. You must be happy and confident with being your self and not putting on a fake facade. also if you happen to be Sagittarius, Cancer, Virgo, or Libra then sparks will be flying when we get together. if your not Sagittarius, Cancer, Virgo, or Libra then things might be a bit of a challenge for us. I'm looking for someone that is bright and intelligent, example: do you think talking about warping space time is a fun topic to discuss? Do you enjoy learning new things? Are you kinda into politics? (if you are a so called pro life republican and think giving up woman's rights to have an abortion is okay then I don't want to talk to you.) I'm also looking for a woman that is just as passionate, loving, and carrying as I am if not more. I'm looking for a woman that is loyal, has strong relationship saying power, and is willing to talk about how she feels or what's on her mind with good communication skills. I need a woman that has a wolfish sensual side, enjoys long runs in the cool misty night, and doesn't mind playful pawing or little bites or wrestling. Oh yes and enjoys romantic hot showers or baths together too. Most of all I want a woman that loves me for me just as much as I'll love her for her. If you feel you are the kind of woman that deserves a real loving man in her life then drop me a line, I might just be the right one for you. Oh and please send me pictures of you and a detailed letter about who you are >>>>>(Please be honest)<<<< when replying to this massage Type in my favorite coffee shop in the subject line to let me know you are real or Iíll think you are a dumb ass and will not respond to you. Thank you

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